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SlimStampen is a faster and more efficient way of learning.

Developed in the scientific search for how learning works.

SlimStampen is already used by more than 700,000 users per year.

Because it is based on our knowledge of the fundamental way fact learning works, SlimStampen is suitable for many different applications.

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Training, certification and courses

Smart stamping is a digital tool for learning words and concepts. It uses an adaptive learning algorithm, developed at the University of Groningen (RUG). 

Employees choose a lesson and are then shown one of the items of that lesson. The first time they are offered the answer, after that it is up to them to choose or type the correct answer. After each item, the student receives feedback. 

Learn more efficiently with the algorithm

The algorithm adapts to the student and each time presents the item that will help the student learn most efficiently. Based on data collected with each presentation of an item, the algorithm can calculate how long it will take for an item to be forgotten. Based on this, it can decide to offer an item just before it is forgotten and can determine when new items should be introduced. 

SlimStampen decides whether your employees can be certified

Using smart algorithms, SlimStampen keeps track of how well your employees know the material. If your employee masters the material, he will receive a credit. After this, the employee no longer needs to be tested and a certification can be awarded.

Your own company theme

Want to use SlimStampen but keep your own theme?

Keeping your own interface theme is possible with SlimStampen. Below you can see an example of this. Your logo, font, and color scheme can be personalized.

Klett interface


Headless use of SlimStampen

If you don't plan to use your own front-end, you can consider just using the algorithm. 

Get in touch to learn more about this.

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